Blue Tails:

Fall of Lumoria

2020 – Present

(Fall 2023 Status Update: This project is roughly 4 chapters in of 13 in the drafting phase and work as been consistently on and off for most of it’s lifespan.  I’m not sure that this project will be completed, and if so it’s unlikely to happen in the immediate future.)

It’s been years since the acclaimed Rabbit Hole nightclub closed its doors, and the friends and community have drifted far apart.  Scar Killovarras quietly runs his cafe alongside his Dutch Angel Dragon, Nitrogen.  One of his few remaining friends, Luna Sky, has been locked up in her homeworld for far too long.  Inside Lumoria, citizens are on the brink of chaos after King Gabriel left the throne, leaving the young Queen to fend alongside her aging father.  Lumoria’s future is shaken once a dangerous investigation expands into what could very well be the end of the Kingdom.  Mistakes from the ancestors have returned with a vengeance, and the harbinger of those long past.

Blue Tails: Fall of Lumoria is the first mainline entry in the Blue Tails series.  It is being written by ScarTheFur and Luna Sky as a collaborative effort, to bring to life a future inspired by the Rabbit Hole RP Chat and its members that once existed on Furry Amino.  As the real life counterparts disseminated, the chronology breaks away from real life and forges its out path.  Blue Tails is a series of narratives intended to hold up to 5 mainline entries, and a volley of short stories.