Minecraft 2:

Rise of Entity 303


Minecraft 2: Rise of Entity 303 is a (mediocrely) written story that serves as a sequel to The Three Evils.  It follows the story of Steve, but also switched perspective into the shoes of MobFusionUltimate.  ScarClaw72’s presence in this timeline has left him forever scarred after his last attempt to fulfill his duties, and is hesitant to return no matter what the calling.  Every capable soul is needed when the right hand of Herobrine rears his shadowy face, Entity 303.  The secrets of the Mob Fusions are about to be unleashed, and the white cloaked devil is looking for his own taste of revenge.

An old video recapping the story and the lore of MobFusionUltimate.

World Maps

Chamber of the Fusions: See the Village Map Key

Herobrines Chamber: Deep in the jungle, this temple was left by the remaining Oversiers as a place where Herobrine was left in a frozen stasis. After the outbreak of mobs that ruined his hometown, Steve stumbled across this lost chamber and accidentally unleashed Herobrine (as seen in The Three Evils)

Shrine of the Fallen: Buried here into a mountainside, lies a great hero that shall not be forgotten.

Steve’s Lookout: The hill upon which Steve saw what remains of his hometown (as seen in The Three Evils)

Stronghold: See the Village Map Key

Temple of Futures: Hidden inside a desert temple, lies a prophecy of the near extinction of mankind, the release of monsters from the time of The Ancients, and the threat of Herobrine’s unleashing (as seen in The Three Evils).

Town of Larpa: Steve’s hometown that now lies in ruins due to an invasion of mobs.

Villages: The Village Community Steve stumbles upon and moves in with. Check the Village Map

Warrior Pad: Being called once again from the Phoenix to aid in a potential threat, MobFusionUltimate, better knows as the Warrior ScarClaw72, arrives here via the Warrior Pad hidden deep within a forest.

Alex’s Home: A small patched-up house in the middle of the infected ruins of the Alchemy Village.

Cerrulean Conclave: An abandoned underground facility that belonged to the Cerrulean race that lived long ago.

Chamber of the Fusions: A hidden lab that saw the birth of the MobFusions.

Herobrine’s Grave: The place where Herobrine was defeated by Steve (as seen in The Three Evils).

Nether Portal: A portal constructed to hunt down and slay The Lord of the Nether, aka The Wither (as seen in The Three Evils)

Quarantine Wall: A border wall built by the Villagers to keep the infection of the Alchemists Village contained. It is regularly guarded by inhabitants of the Capital Village.

Rosetta Gardens: A large garden outside of the Travelers Village where speech is forbidden. It’s a place known for its peace and is a popular place for meditation.

Statue: A statue to be revealed in Project 303

Steve’s Home: A small house built by Steve and a few volunteer villagers at the north end of the farming village. It was constructed after the fall of Herobrine as a replacement for the hut he was provided when the conflict was still at large.

Stronghold: An old extensive structure believed to be built by the Cerruleans. It has been the location of many big discoveries, including the End Portal, and the Cerrulean Library.