Legacy Websites

Legacy Websites Hey so, if you think this website is bad- then these old ones might actually kill you. Do I need to put these here? No.  Do I really want to? No. What the hell am I doing it? Because I have a weird standard of almost never abandoning old content. TheLastWarrior (The OG) […]

The Halloween Madman

The Hallo The Halloween Madman 2015 An issue often facing Scar in his younger years was trying to reach for his high ambitions while lacking the talent, know-how, and equipment to even come close.  The Halloween madman is a weird concept that resulted in a short film that the entire production crew would love to […]


LongLiveTaismo Sometimes passion knows no bounds.  #LongLiveTaismo was a series of fan AMV edits that supported the official relationship between Tails and Cosmo from Sonic X. #1:                      Let Her Go        https://youtu.be/Kku3z-Qr6N8 #2:             Skyfall          […]

The Three Evils

Minecraft: The Three Evils 2015 Story Download Minecraft: The Three Evils is a (painfully) written short story that follows the story of Steve.  This unwitting adventurer is lured into releasing a great evil, a mirror copy of himself with pale empty eyes.  This entity, Herobrine, embarks on a journey to awaken two more ancient beings […]

Rise of Entity 303

Minecraft 2: Rise of Entity 303 2017 Story Download Minecraft 2: Rise of Entity 303 is a (mediocrely) written story that serves as a sequel to The Three Evils.  It follows the story of Steve, but also switched perspective into the shoes of MobFusionUltimate.  ScarClaw72’s presence in this timeline has left him forever scarred after […]

Love, Struggles, & Revelations

Love, Struggles, & Revelations 2017 Book Download Amazon Page WARNING: I don’t receive any profits from Amazon purchases. Life is full of emotions, especially in the teenage years.  LSR is a (poorly written) chapbook, a collection of 20 poems and 20 explanations from Scar’s younger mind.  It follows many personal tribulations and also covers some […]

The Kartoffel Project

The Kartoffel Project 2016 “Kartoffel” is the German word for Potato, and was the name given to the 2016 Mac TV Monster Movie Contest entry created by Scar and family.  This stupidly ridiculous premise of a potato invasion is only further backed up by bad writing, bad acting, and bad editing.  While a major step […]


Adventure map making for Minecraft is an art form that few have mastered, and Scar certainly was not among them. Although his premiere series The Core Hunters had heart, it has aged like a gallon of milk. Even were it not so, all of the maps he uploaded for download were designed for Minecraft Pocket […]

The True Legend

The True Legend A long time ago, Herobrine was a character synonymous with Minecraft.  He was the basis for many stories and legends.  Even now, he sticks around in the MobFusion’s Timeline.  This old project, although a separate canonicity, was intended to provoke the same curiosity many other’s did.  The quality shows it’s age, as […]