Project MOON

                          Project MOON 2016 – Present Project: MOON is a survival megabuild on the Minecraft server  MOON itself is divided into three main regions.  There is The Lunar Vault built under the ocean floor, Neighbor Luna floating above it, and The Archipelago […]

Winterthorn Animations

Winterthorn Animations Every year, Christmas time comes to the beautiful town of Winterthorn. Every year, another annual installment is added to this series of tales with animated music videos. Previous Next 2016-2020 The Ballad of Jessica The Ballad of Jessica tells the story of a boy named James. As a child, he falls in love […]


YARFChive 2021 YARF! was a very popular furry fanzine that ran throughout the 1990s and very early 2000s.  It featured dozens of issues with artwork, stories, comics, and other content from a large variety of contributors.  One such person was Christ Grant (aka Random Coyote), who sent Scar his entire remaining backlog.  Given this opportunity, […]

P. L. Ember

P . L . Ember 2019 Maydays fall silent as the final surviving member of the Phoenix Legion: Ember wakes.  An unknown debris is on a collision course, carrying a dark secret.  The sole survivor must find a way to scuttle it and survive.. If possible.   P. L. Ember was the result of a College […]

Blue Tails: Fall of Lumoria

Blue Tails: Fall of Lumoria 2020 – Present (Fall 2023 Status Update: This project is roughly 4 chapters in of 13 in the drafting phase and work as been consistently on and off for most of it’s lifespan.  I’m not sure that this project will be completed, and if so it’s unlikely to happen in […]